Question: What’s the best way to travel Wisconsin during Covid-19… Answer: In your RV

COVID-19 hit….PANDEMIC….travel bans…Everyone was told to stay home and stay safe. But what if your home is your RV or you have an RV? Does that mean you’re not safe if you travel in your RV? However, we believe if you do it right you can still travel and socially distance in your RV whether you are full time or not.

Many people are concerned about flying or staying in hotels during the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, for Summer 2020, the best and safest way to travel Wisconsin has been by RV. This has lead to an increase in RV sales as these recreational vehicles provide a way for people to get outside while also having their own controlled environment. Therefore, dealerships in Wisconsin, Missouri, Colorado, and Arizona all reported record sales volumes.

Wisconsin Campgrounds

The State of Wisconsin offers both private and public campgrounds. Currently, Wisconsin has 66 state park camping units, covering more than 60,570 acres (245.1 km2) in state parks and state recreation areas. In addition, there are also 600 county parks that offer camping throughout the state. Most are hidden little gems and RV-friendly. You can find the Wisconsin state parks at The county parks can be found on the County’s webpage you are looking to stay in. An example is here for Schomberg County Park:

Our site at Schomberg County Park: site #2

Schomberg County Park Campground

In June of 2020, we spent three nights at Schomberg County Park Campground in Hurley, WI. It was a ten site campground with 30AMP, dump station and water available for $27.00 a night. It was directly off the Iron County ATV trails and Hwy 51. Schomberg County Park was definitely worth the stay and everyone was practicing social distancing.

Iron County Public Health warning

Camping Social Distancing

Firstly, remembering to practicing social distancing and being respectful of others is up to you. Secondly, You can wear a mask if you want or not, it’s your choice. Here are some tips on making your RV travels safe:

Travel During COVID-19 Safety Tips:

  1. Clean your RV- use diluted bleach solution, alcohol-based products with 70% alcohol solution, vacuum, launder items- linens, clothing, etc.
  2. Wash your hands
  3. Avoid touching your face
  4. Keep 6 feet distance between you and others not in your household
  5. Wear a mask if outside and cannot social distance or entering a building/restaurant/store.

Importantly, Have hand sanitizer (70% alcohol) available to use after getting gas, picking up food/groceries, or being out in public. We recommend consulting with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the latest news and information relating to the Corona-virus. 


In conclusion, Chasing RV Sunshine hopes this helps you answer the question: What’s the best way to travel Wisconsin during COVID-19? Our answer is by RV. You can watch our travel to the North woods of Wisconsin on our YouTube Channel:

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In addition, Chasing RV Sunshine is a couple with a spoiled dog that is looking to downsize, retire, and move to Full Time RVing. We hope you join us as we document our adventures Chasing RV sunshine throughout the country and beyond!

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