Why to add RV SnapPads to your RV?

We purchased our 2018 Tiffin Allergo Red 33aa in February of 2020. One of the first things we wanted after our first set up and take down was RV SnapPads for our rig. RV SnapPads are permanent RV Jack Pads that attach to your RV leveling jacks so you don’t have to carry around blocks of wood or plastic to place under your jacks. We found it hard and tedious to line up the plastic leveling blocks under our jacks and to be climb under the rig each time with set up and take down.

SnapPads come in all sizes for leveling jacks on all motorhomes, 5-wheels, toy-haulers, and travel trailers. SnapPad’s website is easy to use and they designed it so that you select your rig’s make, model, year and they recommend the correct pads for you. It is best to confirm by measuring your jacks yourself, as not all jack are the same size. We found we had smaller jacks- 8 inch in the front and larger jacks- 10 inch in the rear.

Why you should should get SnapPads for your RV:

1. Easy of set up & take down:

You will find that SnapPads take just a matter of minutes to install. Once they are on, they stay on for good!

We found that this removes all hassle of having to awkwardly crawl underneath your RV to place, retrieve, and store dirty jack pads each and every time you set-up or move. Permanent pads save time and storage space.

2. Safety:

The permanent pads can prevent injuries from having to get up, down and under your RV each time traveling to a new destination. Also, SnapPads protect your jacks from the gravel, elements, asphalt, concrete, and road hazards that you encounter as you travel.

According to SnapPads website they say “In the highly unlikely event of a lightning strike close to your RV, your RV SnapPads will insulate your electronics from the surge that could travel from the ground up through your jacks.”

Another Safety feature is that SnapPads add stability to your rig by increase your jack’s surface area. The recycled rubber grips conforms to uneven surfaces, prevents slippage and it helps to decrease vibrations as you move around your RV.

3. Protection & Durability

By having a set of SnapPads on your rig they add protection to your jacks feet. Because they are made from recycled tires, SnapPads are resistant to UV exposure, water, heat, oil, tar, mud, and any other environmental hazard. SnapPads have no melting point and should last for many years. 

All SnapPad purchases come with a 2-year warranty. That means, should your SnapPads fail or not work for any reason, according to SnapPad, they will replace them free of charge or you can choose to send them back for a full refund.

4. Made in America

SnapPads are American made & environmentally friendly. SnapPad Corporate office is in Western Canada, however, all material is American recycled rubber that is manufactured and shipped from Indiana. The rubber is from recycled tires, which helps with clutter from land fills and damaging the environment.

5. Customer Service

SnapPad is a family-owned company and responsive to their customers. They respond with in less than 24 hrs to online interaction from our experience. From our understanding everyone you talk to or interact with at is an owner and therefore cares – a lot. We were impressed with our communication with SnapPad via email and found them to be professional, friendly and helpful with purchasing and delivery.


We installed SnapPad on our RV and have been impressed with them so far. We had no issues following the simple instructions to install and they provide a YouTube video to watch on how to install them. We found SnapPads are well worth the money to purchase and great protection for our rig.

We are not sponsored or affiliates of SnapPad, however, recommend them. We promise that we will only provide an honest review of any product, including this one, to you. Due to Covid-19 you cannot currently order SnapPads directly from RV SnapPad as of June 2020. Please check their website for update information: https://rvsnappad.com/

Amazon is still showing availability for SnapPad as of July 1, 2020. Here is our affiliate link to Amazon to purchase SnapPads https://amzn.to/2BVXrLU

To watch the install and see why we purchased SnapPads here is the link to our YouTube video we did to help you in your decision on why to purchase SnapPads:

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